6 ways to improve your memory and remember faster


Your brain has abundance capacity to take in any piece of information and recall, but it obvious that we read and find it difficult to remember. Why? Most times, our memory need more of training to wake it up from slumber. The more you train your memory, the more it responds to you when you need any information stored on it.


Do you want to increase your memory capacity to remember faster? If your answer is yes then I will show you 6 ways to improve your memory and remember faster.



Your brain is an independent part of you body containing of different cells.
6 ways to improve your memory and remember faster


6 ways to improve your memory and remember faster.


·        Eat food that will help your memory


·        Use mnemonic device and acronyms


·        Sleep for seven to eight hours within twenty-four hours


·        Say positive about your brain


·        Train your brain


·        Read every day


Now let us take a look at each one of them one by one.


1 Eat food that will help your brain: your brain need some food that can help it to improve. Studies shows that food containing anthocyanin, omega-3 fatty acid, folic acid and neurotransmitter can boost your memory faster.


Some examples of food that can improve your memory for better remembrance include; nuts and seeds, lean beef, grapes, rosemary, caffeine, blueberries, apple, salmon, spinach, red onions and lot more.


By including this foods in your daily diet, there will be improvement in your memory. If I lay more emphasis on this point, time may fail us but I have devoted my time to figure out 10 foods that can help your memory to remember faster. In my last post.


2 Use mnemonic devices and acronyms: the acronym Mr. Niger-D which is used to remember the characteristics of livings is an example of what we are talking about here.


If you want to increase your memory to remember faster, then consider using acronyms to store information in your brain.


Mnemonic devices are words or poems that help you to remember something. The first twenty elements were sing as a song to help you and I to remember faster. If you find it difficult to memories some information, then use acronyms and mnemonic devices to boost your memory.


3 Sleep for seven to eight hours within twenty-four hours: this may sound funny but that is the reality, your brain need rest. It is not advice able to miss night seeping. If you decide to sleep in the afternoon for any night seeping you miss, sorry! Distractions will not allow you to have a nice rest that your memory want.


Someone read all through the night while preparing for exam that is going to hold the next day: he read everything that he need to pass the examination but his memory fails him. He went for the examination but he was unable to recall what he has read because he tries to cheat nature.


Around ten in the night your brain and other body system begins to shutdown to rest. It is not advice able to read this time, you can simply block a time in the day to read then sleep in the night.


4 Say positive about your brain: saying negative words about your memory can make your memory doll. Negative word like; I have a bad memory, I can’t read and remember. All these negative statements have bad effect on your memory whether you believe me of not.


Always say positive words like: I have a good memory, I can remember anything and more positive words you say to your brain.


This is empirical, try and say good things about your memory as from today and see what will happen within few days. Your memory is an independent part of your body that can respond to things around it e.g statements, feeling and more.


If someone tell you that you are a failure, tell yourself that you are not. Your brain is capable of registering every statement said to it and act upon it.


If you conclude in your mind that you can not read a particular course or subject and remember, well you may end up in failure.


Whatever you can think about in the immaterial life can come into existence.


Forget about the past failures and focus on the future. Failure is one of the best way to success; believe me or not.


5 Train your brain: train your memory to remember faster by stressing it. You brain is capable of remembering anything once you train it to remember. If you are not stressing your memory to think, memorize and know more then you’re not doing well. Remember that you can only retrieve what you store in brain. Your brain can cram that book why don’t you give it trial?


Learn to stress you brain as from today because from that the great scholars are made.


6 Read every day: what ever you read is part of you. Am able to write this post and lot more because of what I have read so far and from my personal experience.


There a saying that the books you read will determine what you will become. The cloth you have in your room is enough for now, start investment in your brain by buying books and read.


Your brain is not magician, it will only remember what you store there.


If you don’t have passion in reading before, why can’t you create the passion now. The world is waiting for you to change it for better by using your brain.


Be versatile and studios, don’t let any day pass you bye without gaining new information.


I said the book you read can determine what you will become right? Yes, that is just it. Information that will make you great in live is hidden in the book you haven’t read.


By reading every day, you will find opportunities far ahead of others.




We have try to look at [IU2] How to improve your memory and remember faster in which I believe we have done justice to that.


These 6 ways to improve your memory and remember faster is not limited to that, I will try and give more update as I do more research to give you the best you need. Always check back.


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