20 Business ideas for college students

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Are you a student looking for great and practical business ideas? don’t stress yourself, I will get you covered! am going to show you 20 business ideas for college students like you.

As a student, you really need a side hustle; a source of income per say. Student life demand you to have some extra cash to buy books, cloch, and others basic necessities.

20 business ideas for college students
20 business ideas for college students

I know you want to plain for you income revenue now, and that is a great step you are taking, he who fail to plain; plain to fail.

It is somehow hard for people to get a lucrative business idea. Why is it so? yes, the answer is simply because many student are not taking the step you are taking to do this research.

After reading this article, all you need is action to be that kind of entrepreneur you want to be. Stop dreaming! take an action by choosing one of these business ideas I’m gonna to list below.

I will show you 20 business ideas for college student but its advisable to pick one you are interested in so that you will not lose focus.

Why do I need to start a business in school?

This is a question you may be asking yourself; However, it is a nice question that require logical answers.

Take a took at the fast growing population of graduates all over the world; many of them are graduation into unemployment life. This is why you need to start a business in school.

Meanwhile, starting a business in school will help you to know the kind of business that works for you.

Failure in business is inevitable, Yes, that is while you need to get rid of that failure before your campus life so that when you graduate, your business will be able to sustain itself. This will give you the opportunity to know your weak point before graduation.

You need freedom after school! don’t you? if your answer is yes then starting your own business is the key.

Imagine if you are working under a boss, you will have no freedom to modify you business the way you want it to be.

Moreover, you need to demonstrate your creativity, isn’t it? Yes, you need to demonstrate you creativity that is why you need to start a business!

How to generate new business ideas

Before I show you some good business ideas for college students, let me show you how to generate a business idea by yourself independently. Why do you need to know how to get new business ideas by yourself? most of business ideas i will show you may have become popular but you need to be creative and difference.

To get new business ideas, do these things below:

  • Look for a problem you can solve: yes, look for a problem people are facing around you and think of a way out. This will require you to think wide and develop observation skill to know what you society lack. if your business idea is not solving a particular problem then you should look for other business idea.
  • Think about what can add value to other: To make it in business, you need to impact others and add more value to their life. By looking for ways to impact others, you will get a good business idea that people need.

This is a little disclaimer before I proceed to these cool business ideas for college students; most of these business ideas may require you to learn some skill that are related to them.

Business ideas for college students right? Here are some you can consider starting now.

Lucrative Business ideas for a college student

  • Data reselling business
  • Selling books
  • Graphics designing
  • Hair making
  • Bead making
  • Open a computer center
  • Photography
  • App development
  • Soap making
  • Livestock farming
  • Makeup business
  • Laundry service
  • Start a website
  • Writing e-books
  • Freelancer writing
  • Become a youtuber
  • Tutoring
  • Blogging
  • Phone and computer repair
  • Video editing

Now let me explain them one after the other for proper understanding.

  • Data reselling business: Many of your mate in school need data to do their assignment and browse the internet to get one information or the other, then why can’t you consider buying data in buck from the network provider and sell to them at you own price. Take a look at it. You can even buy 1GB data from some website like easydatashareng or at the rate of 440 naira and sell it 600 naira as the case may be. Internet is great source of information but data is required to assess it, buy data in bulk as a reseller and sell it to your mate, family and friends
  • Selling books: Students around you are readers, start selling books to them and get some income. Many student are looking for books that can impact them. Try and know the types of books those student need and start selling to them. Read How to write an e-book and make money
Four kinds of book you can sell

-Motivational books

-Relationship guide

-Business guide

-Academic books

  • Graphics designing: This may require you to learn some graphics designing software like coreldraw, photoshop etc. once you master one of them, you can be hired to design graphics and you will charge them the amount you want. Many website owners and companies are looking for who can design logo and banners for them, once you have this skill you can market your skill in some website like Fiverr.
  • Hair making: Everyone want to make hair and look nice right? Start rendering this service to them and ean cash.
  • Bead making: Bead making is another booming business out there now, this is because bead is useful for both bags and many other materials. In fact, it is multipurpose. Bead making only require you to give a little time to learn how to make  it and you are set for business.
  • Open a computer center: Computer services are so much now, you can open a shop and start your business. This can be consider to be a lucrative business idea most things in the world has been digitalized  therefore computer services are highly demanded in the society.
Services you can render in a computer center

-Type setting

-Online registration and services

-Computer training service

-Selling of computer accessories

-Graphics designing

-Spiral binding

-Laminating etc

  • Photography: This is another business ideas for students in college. If you can handle camera and snap; this business idea is for you. You can render this service to your school mate and others. You can even be called to ceremonies to to capture.
  • App development: Application development require skill in programming. this can mostly be recommended for computer science major.
  • Soap making: Everyone need to wash his/her cloth, this is why you need to start this business. soap making is a good small business ideas for college students because everyone need to wash meanwhile, they need soap.
  • Livestock farming: Livestock farming according to encyclopidia britannica inc is the raising of animals for use or for pleasure. As a student you can start keeping livestock like fowl, rabbit  and more.
  • Makeup business: everyone want to look nice and good by applying so makeup to their body. You can start applying this makeup for people and collect money from them. This business doesn’t require too much money to start.
  • Laundry service: This is more of rendering service. You can start cleaning people’s dresses and get some money.
  • Start a website: Creating a professional website this days is very easy with the use of Content management systems (CMS) e.g Worpress,wix and more. With the use of cms you can create website without learning how to code. All you need to do is to look for a type of website you can create, buy a domain and hosting and lunch your site.
How can I make money from my website?

There are many ways to monetize your website which include, affiliate marketing, selling advertisement space, selling physical or digital product etc. You must have reasons for creating a website either for e-commerce website, forum and other. Like nairacampus we focus on impacting student all over the world. our main aim is to help student to share knowledge by asking question and getting answers from others.

  • Writing e-books: As a student, you may have some writing skills, why don’t you start writing books and sell them. Electric book is a title bit simple to write because it does not require print publication all you need is to have a smartphone or pc to convert form a pdf document. You can sell you ebooks on websites like payhip.com amazon.com,selz.com
  • Freelancer writing: If you have some skills like writing, you can start working as a freelancer to write articles and get paid. some website you can market your skill include Fiverr.
  • Become a youtuber: Do you know youtube is one of the most visited websites in the world? Create a youtube channel and start creating great videos and get paid from every views on your videos..
  • Tutoring: As a student there are some junior classes you can organise tutorial for and collect money from them for tutoring them.
  • Blogging: If you have any thing you are passionate about, you can share it with the world through blogging. All will do is to get a domain name and hosting plan, design your blog and start posting articles. You can monetize the blog by placing advertisement on it.
  • Phone and computer repair: if you know how to repair phone and computers, this is a lucrative business you can start
  • Video editing: this require you to learn the basics of video editing. once you are good in it, you will be hired to edit videos.

Getting business ideas may not be easy, but we have consider 20 business ideas for college students in the article above.

It is advisable to pick one of these business ideas than doing many at the same time.

The rate of unemployment is increasing everyday and you need to know that life after school may full of struggle if you don’t plan ahead.

If you have any suggestion, or question, feel free to do so.


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