5 Secret to make more money and get rich


Do you know you can become a millionaire? Yes of cause, you can even gain your financial freedom with just a simple hack.  In this article, am going to reveal 5 secret to make more money and get rich.

5 Secrete to make more money and get rich

Getting rich does not require you to be old or young, as young as you are, you can become a millionaire once you get the secrete and do the right thing by applying them to your day to day life.

You want to be wealthy right? I know you really want to, but keep it in mind that wealth and riches are not created overnight.

The question you need to answer right as you are reading this article is that why some people are rich while others are poor? Just take a moment and think about. What is the best answer to this question? If you think about it, you may attribute it to luck. Riches are not created by luck as people do think. Though some people are born into a wealthy family.

There are some secrete behind rich people you need to know as am going to list the below.

5 Secret to make more money and get rich

1       Know the secret behind money

Money has some secrete behind it. Those rich people know how money works and you need to know it too.

Now, what is that secrete behind money? Money will always drive you to spend; that is first secreting behind it. You need to learn how to spend wisely.

Spending lavishly will make you poorer and make the rich richer.

How to spend wisely

Spending wisely require self discipline. Market is a place where you can buy many things right? Don’t ever go to a marketplace without shopping list. Know what you need mostly and write them in a small piece of paper. Why is this important? If you enter any market place, you will find many things you will like to buy. May while, you may not need them at that particular moment.

“Always buy what you need not everything you want are necessary” never buy beyond what you have planned to buy.

Always make more than you can spend, and don’t spend more than 70% of your income. The point here is that don’t spend more than you can earn.

Do you want to spend wisely?  If yes then treat money as a special guest that can visit you and live at anytime. If you always buy things when you are with money then stop working with cash alleles you are travelling on a long journey.

Rich people spend wisely, treat money like an important tool, automate their expenses and make more than they spend. That is just it. Even if you are making much money and you are not spending wisely you will remain broke financially forever.

Once again, always buy what you so much value and what you need. Don’t just buy things anyhow without making critical calculation for it.

Automating you expenses can help you to spend wisely. Make a list of those basic things you can’t live without within a week or month and assign some amount to them all. This will save you from buying what you don’t need.

The first secret to make more money and get rich is to know the secret behind money itself.

2       Start a side hustle

Never settle for only one income stream. Instead, get a side hustle and have up to three income streams. Do you currently have a job/business now? If you have one or none you can become a self-made millionaire by starting a profitable business as side hustle both online and offline.

Look for marketable ideas and create a business around it. These ideas can actually come from what you love doing, what you are expert at and passionate about.

The question here is that how can I get a great business idea?  The answer is quite simple; if you want to have a great and profitable business idea, then have many of them and pick the one you are most passionate about among.

If you love writing, then consider starting a blog, freelancer writer or book writing both ebook and hardcover. The ebook writing is really booming these days on Amazon and other related websites that help writers to market their books.

Are you a programmer? If you can code, then create a side hustle by helping people to create apps, website or blogs. You can even create and develop your own personal website. Take for instance; I created Nairacampus when am in the university.  You can also create a website that people will like and make money.

If you are ready to create your website, then all you need to get started is to buy a domain name and hosting. A domain name is the name of your website e.g while hosting is where your website lives on the internet. It is very important to buy your domain name and hosting from a reliable hosting provider like domainking has been powering this website for a very long time without any downtime or problem that is while I always recommend it as a reliable hosting provider. In couple with that, if you buy with my affiliate link, you will get a free domain. Click here to buy now.


You are surprise why I focus too much on online business right? The fact is that; the crowd in on the internet than before in this century. The number of Smartphone and computer users has increase massively.

Some online side hustle you can start with little investment includes but not limited to;

Website design

Graphics design



Affiliate marketing

Social media marketing

Selling E-book

Drop shipping

Mobile app

Selling software

Note that most of these online businesses require you to work hard first and earn later even when you sleep.

We have done justice to online side hustle/ business. I will not be partial trust me. Apart from online business, what are some good businesses to start with little investment even if you are a college student?

There are lots of businesses you can start now and get rich later. There are some industries that are doing well right now.

As an entrepreneur, you need to think of a product that people need. You can do this by solving your customer’s problems.

Do you want to be rich? If yes, think wide and come up with problem solving idea and create a business around it. It all starts by observation to know the problem people are facing and what they value. Then create a product to solve those problems.

I focus more on problem solving product idea because if you create a product that doesn’t solve a particular problem, it will not do well in the market.

Let take a look at some profitable small business idea you can start now with little investment.

Below are the list of some profitable business ideas you may likely love to start;

Video editing


Air freshener and perfume making

Cake baking

Selling provisions

Selling health products

Laundry and cleaning service

To mention but few, there are many business you can start and get rich.

Why do you need to have your own business?

The answer is simple. To me, getting a job is a modern day slavery may while,  you need to be an entrepreneur to get freedom and be innovative.

In short, have more than one income stream to be wealthy.

3 Be passionate about creating wealth

Without passion, you will not get energy. You passion towards wealth will make you to work hard, curious and be more productive.

Always gain delight in getting wealth but not in a dubious way. One of the hacks to become rich and wealthy is to do what you love and love what you do once it’s productive.


You can become rich quick if you are doing a business that you are passionate about.

Don’t just look into a business and jump into it if you don’t have passion in that business.

4 let money work for you

This is what I always tell people. You need to use money as a tool to get more money.

Start your own business and hire employee.  Working under someone is like modern day slavery.

If you have your business, let assume your company that is producing perfume and a perfume cost $5, if you employ five workers and each of them produce ten perfumes per day that means they are make $50 per day: if you pay each of them $30 per day then it left $20 for you on every workers. Now, $20 from five workers will make you $200 per day. All these ten workers will continue working while you exploit them, they work while you enjoy the profit.

This is just an illustration but you can let money work for you just like the CEO discussed recently did. While the workers are looking for how to make money and earn a living, the entrepreneur continues to exploit them. The worker earn wages, while the CEO earn profit. The second among 5 Secret to make more money and get rich is to let money work for you.

5 invest in yourself

Yes! You need to invest in yourself buy learning more skills. Actually, you are doing this currently as you are reading this article. From this post, you are learning some things that will help you more than you expect.

The Industries are growing tremendously nowadays, for you to dominate the market and get rich, you need to do more research and acquire more skills than your competitors.

Never be tired of learning. Knowledge power! That is what I realized that made me to create nairacampus for this generation to add to their knowledge by asking question and get answer from other members. Do you want to ask a question? Click here but don’t forget to sign up.

Thanks to the internet! It has provided a big opportunity for everyone to learn new skills or build upon their existing skills. Go online and enroll in some courses that will develop your skill. YOUTUBE is one of the best places to get started.


With these 5 Secret to make more money and get rich, I hope you are now inspired to gain your financial freedom? Though if you apply these secrete, you may not get rich overnight because it takes time! But on a long run you will appreciate this article.

I have explain in details  about how to make money, how to gain financial freedom, how to get rich and even the 5 secret to make money online and offline.

After reading this post, have a moment to think about a business you can start now. The bridge between success and failure is action. Take a step forward now  by starting a business and forget about risk. It is very simple! Number one, come up with a great business idea, get capital and start your business.

The 5 Secret to make more money and get rich I have mentioned have being helping many people including me that is why I want you to key to them and start making money

Which business are you ready to start? comment below.


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