how to buy 500mb for just 50 naira only on mtn


You want a cheap data right? that is very ok by me. many have been enjoying this plan which i am also one of them. this plain was really help me a lot that is why I don't want to keep it to my self and decided to post this article you are reading now. enjoy youthful live with this trick, I call it a trick because it is highly impress me beyond any other data plain i have been buying before. and I expect you to key into this wonderful data bundle. so now I will like to let you know how it works just read further.

How it work

Mtn has made a youthful life wonderful with this night data bundle. To be able to activate this data bundle you must migrate to mtn pulse and you can simply do that by dialing *406# and reply 1 to  migrate.

"Note: can buy
250mb for 25 naira only
500mb for 50 naira only"