How to read for exams (even if your exam is tomorrow)


You have read many books and write many examination right? have you encounter a situation whereby you need to read for exam that will commence the next without you preparing at all.

You lack of preparation may be a concrete reason; anyway, Am going to show you how to read for exams even if you have exam tomorrow without you reading the books you’re supposed to read.

Before I proceed, it is advisable to read for about one month ahead of the exam date. Though reading for exams that will commence tomorrow without any preparation ahead may eventually land you in failure because many people can not cope while reading if the examination date is too near.

So now, let us assume that you have an exam tomorrow, how will you read?

The answer to this very question will be known as you read further. Do these things and you are set for success.

  1. Study the past question: For you to escape, try and gather past question of that course/subject and solve them
  2. Read the key and important point: In this case you don’t need to read the whole book. Just look for the key point in the book. How do you know the key points? they key point are the types, importants, examples, definition and other compelling subtopic in a book.
  3. Ask yourself questions.
  4. Sleep for upto seven hours of the above process.

Once you do all these, you are good to go. just make sure that you remain bold.


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