How to write ebook and make money online


Are you a writer or a blogger? Do you want to earn a lot of cash and even earn a living by writing books and sell them online? If your answer is yes, then consider this post useful. You may not know that selling books online may even be better and faster than publishing the hard copy. Almost many people especially youth want to read electronic books than hard copies, many are because of internet addicting and the
revolutionary changing of things in the world today.

how to write ebook and make money online

                    How to write an ebook

If you have any idea or experience about anything, then write a great book about it and convert it to portable document format (pdf) file. You may even start a guide for beginners in any aspect of life then start making money from your idea. If you have idea on blogging, internet, music and more, then what is stopping you from writing it and sell your books online.

I mean write guiding books. All you need to do is to just type/write with your favorite word editor. You can even write an ebook on your phone or write ebook on mac. How to write an effective ebook is the matter on ground but it left on you I will do my part by guiding and leading you to your success in it. How to write in ebook format is to convert your writing to pdf file. Make sure you use a touching tile and also put table of content for your chapters.

If you are a blogger, you can copy you blog posts based on a niche, edit them and convert then to pdf. You can even get payment and send them your ebook directly to their email. This should not be hard for every blogger because you are already into writing.

Pattern to write ebook