Do this 10 things if you want to be successful in life

As a young person, do you know there are something you need to do if you really want success in life? In this article, I will let you know somethings you really need to be successful in all your endeavor. I believe everybody want success even including you and I but people are not willing to pay the price.
I want waste your time by writing too long because time is another important factors that determine success. Time is morning!
What are those things you need to do if you want to be successful? This question will be answered as you read along. Below those things you need to do but not limited to before becoming successful.
1.Learn from successful people
2.Be willing to sacrifice your energy, time and self for success
3.Read books others are not reading
4.Say no to unproductive activities
5.Learn from your mistakes
6.Don’t be comfortable with the stage you are
7.Be creative
8.Choose friends wisely
9.Manage your time wisely
10.Develop skills from your hobby and be the best in it.

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