How to conquer your fears and become a great achiever

Never be like a crawling eagle, you are meant to fly do you know that? The crawling eagle looks up to the sky wishing to fly but couldn’t. why? Though, the crawling eagle is capable of flying just like other eagles do but the only thing limiting it is fear. One day, the crawling eagle saw a hunter coming towards it, the eagle run very fast on the land but the hunter keeps on pursuing it. When it gets to time, the crawling eagle make attempt with the courage to fly and it does. The crawling eagle was surprised when it flys. From that day onward, the crawling eagle overcome it fear and start flying even that other eagles.
What is the moral lesson here? The crawling eagle represent you, yes I mean you. Believe you can do it and you will. Always say you can and you will. That fear in you is false evidence appearing real. You are meant to succeed but if you don’t get rid of that fear in you then you may still remain at the level you are. If you are facing any challenge now then that challenge is your hunter. If that eagle remain in fear, the hunter will kill it.
Now, how can you overcome your fears and become a great archiver? Just learn a lesson from that crawling eagle. Start looking at what you can do not what you can’t. Encourage your self, yes you can be great. No one is better than you, you are unique. Always strive to prove the uniqueness of you. If you try and you fail then try, try and try again, you will surely make it.

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