Money vs knowledge

Knowledge is power, many people knows that already!

Which one is more valuable? Money or knowledge?

Money is a unit of value in life…

These is my point, knowledge is required to make money but knowledge is still priceless

The irony of life revolves around giving something for something. You can give knowledge in exchange for money and you can also give money to acquire knowledge e.g students to teachers.

However, knowledge is more valuable than money because knowledge gives light and it is needed to make money and create wealth.

If you don’t agree with me, then rethink about it and ask yourself: why am I going to school?😂

Your answer will give more light on this issue. For me, I am going to school to gain knowledge and also get an high paying job or start a business.

Money vs knowledge right? Knowledge carry the vote because you can make more money from knowledge.


What is your opinion on this?

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