Reading on phone vs book.


Reading on screen vs hardcover book
Is it better to read on screen e.g phone and computer than hardcover book? Or reading hardcover books are better than reading on screen?

Simply put, reading on phone vs book.
I will try my best to clear your doubts on this topic as you read on…

I believe reading on screen is more popular this days because of the increase in the number of smart phones users across the world.

If you prefer reading with your phone then you need to disable any distraction notifications. You need to also install apps that can block unwanted attention.

As for me, I love reading on screen because I can read for long periods on my phone and laptop without getting bored.

To me, reading hardcover books is fading away due to how ebooks are growing in popularity.

Though, reading on screen has some side effects but I still prefer it.

What about you?

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