Short story: Nobody knows tomorrow

Nobody knows tomorrow😂

though astrologist have been claiming so but I don’t believe them… Neither the scientist.

William was in high school when his father died.
He struggled hard to sponsor himself but he later dropout…

He work as an house help to put food on his table.

Ten years later, he meet one of his class mate in a tinted black car beside a fueling station. They greeted each other.
William ask for his help but his class mate turned him down…

This motivated William to do any legal work to get some income so as to go back and further his education…

He started buying and selling old clothes to get money.

William has got a little money after two years of buying and selling old clothes and he decided to go back to school.

He goes to school in the morning and Work in the evening. He continued like that till he finished his high school.

After finishing high school, he started learning computer repair.

He was serious with his learning and became a computer technician after one year of learning.

He got admission but he didn’t accept it because he couldn’t afford the school fee.

William work with his boss as he wait for the next year school admission.

He got some money and started a small computer repairing shop beside the school he was processing admission.

He later got the admission but not for the course he applied for due to his academic grades.

In his first year of studies, his academic grades was poor because he is combining studies and work.

One day, a professor went to repair a laptop in his shop. When the professor left, William look forward and saw 5000$ on the ground inside his shop.

William wanted to spend the money but his conscience doesn’t give him rest.
He later decided to return the money to the professor since but he didn’t know his office.

After some days, the professor went back to William’s shop. He greeted him and get a sit.
William ask he professor if he lost his money the last time he came to his shop.
The professor remembered but the professor don’t know where the money got lost.

William return the money to the professor. The professor only thank him and leave.

Two weeks later, the professor went back to William’s shop and gave him a contract to repair computers in the virtual library.
William did an excellent job and the professor promised to sponsor him throughout his academics.

William graduated and secure a well paying job, he later own two multi million companies.

William later succeed in life and name his pet “NOBODY KNOWS TOMORROW”

Any hardship you are facing today will later become history if you don’t give up.

What is your opinion on this story? What did you learn from it?

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