How can I get capital to start business in nigeria?


I want to start a business but no money, any solution?

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Many people are planning to start a business, large or small scale but the question they always ask is ‘how can I get money to start my businesses or how to raise capital to start a business ’. To me the question is not funny because if everybody has money to start a business then there will be no one to buy the goods. You may not know how to raise capital to start a business but I will try my best and make sure I guide you with some suggestions.

How to get capital to start a business in nigeria

how to start a business
Before start thinking on how to get capital for a new business, you need to know things about starting a business. to start a business demand you to think wide and know what to sell. As you already know that business idea also matters. If you want to start a business, ask yourself this question.

  1. What type of business can i start?
  2. How can this business grow?
  3. Do I have the capacity to handle this business?

Once your are able to find the correct answer to this question then you will get a good business to start. Starting a business demand courage and diligence. If you have a better business idea and you are asking yourself  ‘how to finance a business with with no money; because people always say ‘I want to start a small business but have no money’ get the idea and test first you think of how to finance a startup business

how to get money to start a business

How to get capital to start a business is what has been holding back many people with business minded. As you are reading this article, have it in the back of your mind that many successful people started with little they have.
Before you start a business there are things you need to know before thinking about the money required for starting.
How to get capital to start a business in nigeria
Starting a business required some things you need to know. Well, business involve buying and selling of commodities. If you are not interested in buying and selling then start creating interest. Also try getting information about what you really want to practice.
Interest: You need to have interest in the kind of business you want to start. Starting a business require interest and passion. If you have interest in a particular trade then it will be very easy for you to work and get money to start it.
Information: Detail is very essential in starting a business that can be successful. After been passionate about the business you need to seek and get enough information about it.


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