How can I make money with my phone?


I want to know how i can be productive with my smartphone.

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Are you tired of running out of cash? Do you want to make money with your smartphone? If your answers are all yes, then I will show you proven and legit ways to make money with your cell phone.

Many people are out there making money using their smartphone you can join them today as you read this post and put it into practice.

Before I proceed, have it in mind that there is no free money anywhere but hard work pays. You have been using your mobile for many other things that may have no gain, even many people are very active on social media.

how to make money with your phone in nigeria

how to make money with your phone in nigeria continue reading…
However, the steps to make money with your phone will be well explain as you read further. Below are the few but not limited ways to make money with that thing you always hold around.

  1. Start blogging

You can turn your passion to money. Do you want to start making money with your phone? Then start blogging. Blogging is a website that information or articles are been posted on the internet. All you need to do is to get a niche, design a perfect blog and start writing topics that will be of interest to your readers. If you are interested in making money through blogging, then I will coach on how to start. First of all visit blogger.com and sign up with your gmail account, after that then choose your blog title and link the click create then your blogging journey start. Start posting article that will of interest to your audience and monetize it with google adsense advertisement, affiliate marketing and more.


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