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Top 10 business ideas for students

Are you looking for top 10 business ideas for students?

This guide will probably help you to figure out the top 10 business ideas you can start right from the campus.

Starting a business in school can be so frustrating, especially when you are looking for lucrative business ideas that you can start with little capital.

However, I have got you covered.

After thorough research and many days of brainstorming, I have figured out the top ten business ideas that are lucrative and highly demanding in this century.

Disclaimer; all the top 10 business ideas listed here are all lucrative but the success depends on your skills and hard work.

Please don’t try to start all the business ideas listed here. Just choose one that interests you.

Before we go-ahead to these top 10 business ideas for students, let me draw your attention to this reality:

Start a business

You need to start a business.

With the look of things, every student needs to embrace entrepreneurship.

Apart from the fact that getting a job in this century is somehow tuff, every student needs to know the impact of starting an enterprise.

You know what?

Many graduates are suffering after graduation today simply because they think we are still in the industrial age.

They graduate and start looking for unavailable jobs up and down.

No. You don’t need a job, you can be your own boss. I can’t deceive you, the best time to start a business is now that you are still a student. You will get to know how businesses work.

Don’t be afraid of risk, failure in business is not the end. You just have to learn from your mistakes. If you start a small business now, you will discover what causes business failure.

I have been giving timeless advice to students to start a small business; this is another call to action. Start small and grow your business!

There are plenty of business ideas but the question is; Are they all Lucrative? Are they highly demanding? Does it require little capital to start?

Without wasting time, let’s dive in.


  • Graphics design
  • Start a blog
  • Mobile phone repair
  • Fashion design
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Freelance writing
  • E-books writing
  • Selling mobile phones and accessories
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Freelance web design

1. Graphics design

If you are not living under a rock, you should know what is graphics design. I am just joking though…

What is graphic design?

According to the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), graphic design is

“the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with the visual and textual content”

If you look around, you will probably see a banner, flyer, packaged products.

Who designed it?

That is the work of a graphics designer.

I am a professional graphics designer three years ago so I can tell you many things you need to know in case you are a novice in this business.

Pulse! I mean just pulse… Just look around you, look around this website, you will likely see an advertisement banner.  I hope you can see any?

If you don’t see any banner on this website then check any other websites.

Many websites are launching every day I hope you know that?

They will need to hire a graphics designer to work on the graphics aspect e.g background images, banners, etc.

The need for a graphics designer is rising every day.

Many businesses are willing to design business cards, flyers, banner, logo, etc.

You can start a graphics design from the comfort of your home as you work, online from home on your own website, or join freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc

Otherwise, start a graphics designer firm in your city and be the one to offer graphic design services to these new businesses and websites that are increasing every day.

You have to know this, the world has been digitalized. We can’t do it without a graphics designer.

The funniest part is that you don’t need to go to university to study graphics design before you become a graphics designer.

It took me only three to six months to learn graphics designing. If you are a fast learner, you can master it within two to three months.

The software/tools you need to meet the standard include but are not limited to Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Corel Draw.

Mind you! You can master them all within three months if you are a  fast learner.

After learning the skill, you just need a little advertisement to get some exposure.

2. Start a blog

Lucrative business ideas for students

I believe you have come across someone or an article telling you to start blogging?

Do you know many people are making passive income from their blogs?

You can as well.

What is a blog?

According to Wikipedia:

“A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order so that the most recent post appeared first”

In other words:
A blog that can also be called a weblog is a discussion or informational website published on the internet consisting of the discrete, often informal article (posts).

However, the world is searching for information on the internet every day, you can be the one to provide them with the information they need and get paid for it.

Though blogging is becoming more competitive these days. So don’t expect it to be an easy way to make money.

Blogging requires you to work ahead in the beginning and earn passive income later.

Many bloggers are millionaires while many are not making any cent from blogging.

I can only recommend you to start a blogging business if you love writing.

You just have to know that nothing good comes easily.

You’ll need to do some advertising and SEO (search engine optimization) to ensure that you get enough viewers to really make some money.

If you want to start a blog without investment, which I don’t even recommend:

kindly visit and create your blog with a simple setup and free subdomain for a lifetime and start posting nice articles.

Once you get enough traffic/visitor s you can monetize it with pay per click ads, affiliate marketing, and other means of monetization.

Another way to create a blog is to buy a domain and hosting plan from domainking or another hosting provider, and then lunch your blog on WordPress CMS.

A domain name is the name of your website (your website address) e.g,, etc. While hosting I where your website lives on the internet.

Make sure your blog covers something that you know a lot about.

To succeed, you need to blog about topics that are interesting to you and a fair number of people.

If you have good writing skills and you are willing to start a business then blogging is right for you.

You can simply buy hosting and domain name from domainking now and learn as you go.

Please note you will get a free domain and also get a discount if you buy it now.

Are you ready? Hurry up! Click here to buy now.

Disclaimer: if you are not good at writing please don’t start blogging.

You don’t need to follow the crowd.

You can choose any other one from this list of top 10 business ideas listed above.

3. Mobile phone repair

Top 10 business ideas for students

As the number of mobile phone users is increasing every day, starting a business around this technology will guarantee success in the long run.

A mobile phone can spoil or brake at any time. You can be the one to repair them once they brake.

I am currently in this business. Though, I am still learning it from a professional mobile phone technician in my area.

This business is highly demanding and lucrative.

I started getting jobs in the first month of learning this skill.

The reality is that; people can’t stop using mobile phones and these mobile phones can develop a fault at any time.

You can become a mobile phone technician within three months of learning if you are a fast learner.

Once you get the required skills, you are set for business. Just get a shop in the town and start making money.

4.  Fashion design

Please wait… Look at yourself, what can you see?

Cloth and shoe right? Who made it?

A fashion designer.

Can you walk out of the door without cloth and shoes?

Nobody wants to walk out nicked except a mad man.

We can’t do without a fashion designer.

You can start a business around this industry.

We people love fashion, especially the trending ones.

You can learn fashion design within one year.

But if you are not willing to devote your time to learning fashion designing, you can start selling clothes, shoes, etc

5. Affiliate marketing:

Best busy ideas for students

You can actually make legit money while studying in school with affiliate marketing

Imagine you used a product, and you like the product because of the quality.

I hope you will tell someone or your family members about it.

Once they buy the product online with your affiliate link, you will earn some percentage.

Imagine you recommend the product to 50 people on social media and 10 people buy the product. You will earn a percentage from them all.

It is that simple.

It involves promoting other people’s products and get a commission for every sale in return.

For every sale initiated by a link of the product, you earn a percentage–an affiliate sales commission.

You can register as an affiliate Marketer in many eCommerce websites and get a link to promote their product when anybody buys through your link, you will get a little token in appreciation for bringing the customer to them.

You can promote products by placing the product banner on your website/blog or sharing the affiliate link to your social media.

Some websites you can find products to promote include Amazon, jumia, Clickbank, etc

6. Freelance Writing

Top ten business ideas for students

Another lucrative business you can start is freelance writing.

Freelance writing involved writing articles for clients and get paid.

There are tons of opportunities for freelance writers in this century most especially on the internet.

Many companies today rely on internet marketing and writers who can do SEO and web content for their websites.

Online freelance writers can also write news, e-books, or act as ghostwriters for their clients. 

This is similar to blogging but you don’t need to have a blog.

You will be hired to write articles and get paid.

7. E-books writing

Business ideas for college students

As a student, you can actually earn money by writing e-books.

The world is becoming more digitalized.

Information products are hitting the market as people are seeking for more knowledge day by day.

Long ago, people fancy reading hard copy books. But today, technological advancement has made many people love reading electronic books than hard copy.

You can take this advantage to make money in school.

Think about the skills you have to learn so far and put them into writing, after writing and making it lively and interesting to read, then convert it to PDF (portable document file).

Make sure the e-book has a table of content and another requirement for book publishers to make it live to your readers.

After you have written the e-book, you can sell them on websites like and another website that allows you to sell your ebooks online.

This business requires you to engage in active promotion because of the competition.

You can start this business if you are passionate about writing.

If your dream is to become an author, then the time to start your career now.

You can write about anything as far as you are making sense and self publish it as an ebook.

8. Selling mobile phones and accessories

Before I proceed, let’s take look at some important statistics and details about smartphones.

In 2020, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world.

77% of Americans have smartphones.

47% of US smartphone users say they couldn’t live without their devices.

62% of smartphone users have made a purchase on the device.

In-app advertising will rise to $201 billion by 2021.

Smartphone users worldwide will reach 3.8 billion in 2021.

The top 10 vendors contribute almost 77% of the global smartphone market.

99.3% of all internet users in China go online using their mobile devices in 2020.

If I may guess, you are probably scrolling through this page with your smartphone.

Can you see that starting a business around the smartphone industry can be so lucrative?

People will always buy smartphone accessories e.g chargers, earphones, etc.

I am currently selling smartphones and accessories for my boss where I am currently learning mobile phone engineering.

I can’t lie to you, this business is so lucrative.

You can buy smartphones and accessories, at wholesale prices and sell them at retail prices and make a profit.

9. Start a YouTube channel

Business ideas for students in Nigeria

YouTube is a great online platform for people to post videos and make money.

YouTube is one of google’s products.

Many people have taken advantage of this platform and I will like you to start creating great video by teaching others about what you know or skills you have acquired and earn money in return.

How to make money in school is so easy if you can maximize your skills and talent.

This idea is more or less an online business idea.

10. Freelance Web design

As you can see in the image below. the need for web designers is rising drastically. People are looking for web designers to help them to create their dream website.

Business ideas

This business is very lucrative.

I tag it as the best business of this century. I hope you have visited a website today?

Who designed it? A web designer!

Many companies are is ready to take their businesses online. If you are a web designer, there is a lot of jobs for you.

This business is sweetly for computer science students but if you are ready to learn a new skilled website designing is right for you.

If you find programming too hard for you to learn, you can learn to design websites with a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Wix, etc.

Why are these top 10 business ideas for student lucrative?

All the business ideas listed above very lucrative business. Most of them require little capital to start.

They are all business that we can’t do without in our day to day life.

They are all viable, I must confess🙏


Above is the list of top 10 business ideas for students.

The business idea is a great topic to discuss if time will not fail us.

There is one thing you need to know, that Starting a business is not bread and tea you need to work hard to live a comfortable life you are dreaming of.

Now we have covered all the top 10 business ideas.

I appreciate your patience and time to read this article to the end, but you need to know that success depends on you. That is if you start at all.

Disclaimer; all the business ideas listed here are from my personal experience, opinion, and research.

You can watch the video below to get an extra 5 business ideas for college students